Frequently Asked Questions - Rosendals Port

We will provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Rosendals Port block. If you have any further questions, you are of course always welcome to contact us.

Information about the housing

How many apartments will there be?

What will be the addresses?
Dekangatan 4, Gerd Enequists Gata , 12 A, B and 14 and Grindstugegatan 5

Has the detailed plan been approved?

When can I move in?
Construction has been underway since spring 2021, and that plan is for people to be able to start moving in after completion, initially from February 2023. The final properties are scheduled to be occupied in November 2023.

Will all the apartments have a balcony?
Yes, all the apartments will have at least one balcony/patio. Four of the apartments will have terraces at the top of the building, each facing in two directions.

Are there storage facilities outside the residence?
Yes, all the apartments will have their own storage area in the basement or on the ground floor.

Construction technology

How are the homes heated?
With district heating, a waterborne system with radiators.

Is there underfloor heating in the homes?

Are there power outlets and lighting on the balconies?

Can the balconies be glassed in?

What does the building’s façade look like?
It will have a varied appearance, with both brick and painted concrete.

What type of roof does it have?
Felt & sheet metal roof. Solar cells and sedum will also be placed on the roofs.


Does the tenant-owned association have a garage?
Yes, which is relatively unique for the area. In addition to the tenant-owned association’s own garage under the building, it is also possible to park in the Dansmästaren multi-storey car park in the neighboring block, where the association has an agreement for additional parking spaces. 

How many parking spaces are there in the garage?
28 car spaces (+ 26 in the Dansmästaren multi-storey car park).

Is it possible to charge electric cars?
Yes, there are plans for a total of 8 electric charging posts in the garage. (These can also be found in Dansmästaren.)

Communal areas

Is there a bicycle storage area?
Yes, there is bicycle storage on the entrance floor with a service point and bicycle spaces in several outdoor locations adjacent to the building, as well as in the basement.

Is there an area for prams?
Yes, on the entrance floor and in the basement.

Are there waste disposal rooms?
Yes, two rooms on the ground floor. They are both located in the main structure, one at Dekangatan 4 and the other at Grundstugegatan 5.

Is there a communal laundry room in the building?
No, all the apartments will have their own washing machine and tumble dryer or a washer-dryer.

Is there a communal area or guest apartment in the building?

Are there commercial premises in the building?
Yes, two premises are planned and are intended to be used for offices, a shop or a café.

Buying an apartment

When does the reservation become binding in the event of a purchase?
When you sign the pre-contract. We want you to have thought through the financing carefully before the meeting, and to have a loan offer in place from your bank. The deposit for the pre-contract is 2.5% of the price and is invoiced with payment terms of 10 days. The next step in the purchase process will be optional, as you have the opportunity to put your own stamp on your new home. A lease agreement is signed some time after that.

What does the lease agreement mean (upplåtelse)?
When the tenant-owned apartment is new, it is sold by the association. This is referred to as leasing. Lease agreements are signed approximately 6 months before gaining access.

What happens if I change my mind?
If you have signed a pre-contract or lease agreement, you will be liable to pay damages to the tenant-owned association for its resale costs as well as interest costs for unpaid purchase amount, unpaid monthly fees, etc.

What is Good Deal?
Good Deal applies to insurance against dual residence. If you do not manage to sell your current property and can demonstrate that you have tried to sell it through a registered broker, you can receive compensation of up to SEK 10,000/month up to 12 months after gaining access. This assumes that you have come to Skanska 3 months before gaining access. 

What happens if some of the apartments in the association are not sold?
Skanska then becomes a member of the tenant-owned association and purchases the unsold apartments. Skanska will then be liable for any purchase amount and charges, and will continue to sell the apartments as usual.

Where can I obtain a personal accommodation calculation and loan offer?
We can give you the contact information to the association’s bank, and you then contact the bank yourself. 

When do I have to pay the final invoice?
Final payment must be made according to the invoice issued on gaining access. Please note that all payments must be supported by a receipt from the bank. If no invoice is issued, please contact the seller.

When do I find out my date of access?
Six months before the date of access.

How definite is the moving-in date I have received?
Assuming that nothing unexpected happens, the moving-in date that you have been given, 6 months prior to gaining access, is the one that applies.


What comes as standard in the apartment?
Our knowledgeable product range managers are developing a range that maintains a high level of quality. We only collaborate with well-established brands.

Can the fittings be changed?
Yes, there are both free options and options that have to be paid for. When you enter into a purchase contract, you will receive login details to our customer portal where you can e.g. see what fittings options you can select for your particular home. You will also have the opportunity to attend an individual options meeting with our customer manager.

How is the cost determined?
When you select a product from our range of options, the cost for the "original selection" is deducted, and you only pay the difference.

Can I select the fittings freely?
No, unfortunately not. Our warranties only apply when you choose from our fixed product range. The options we offer have been carefully selected and maintain a high level of quality. 

Can I order freely from the kitchen supplier’s range?
No. In order to handle all our customers’ wishes and any substitutions before the cut-off times, we have drawn up a relatively wide selection together with Skanska’s interior designers and representatives from the kitchen supplier.

Can I get a refund if I opt out of an original product?

Can you leave products uninstalled?
Only toilet paper holders and towel hooks are left uninstalled.

Who supplies the kitchen appliances?

Who supplies the kitchen fittings?

What type of flooring do the apartments have?
The original flooring is oak parquet Kährs Como, 3-strip, 15 mm. (Most apartments on the ground floor and floors 1 and 2 have ash parquet as their original flooring). A number of other types of flooring are available as an option.

Can I choose tiles in the hall?
Tiles are the original flooring in the hall.

Can I purchase options after moving in?
Not from Skanska, as all options must be complete before the scheduled cut-off time.

What is meant by a cut-off time?
By the end of the cut-off time, revised drawings and other selections must have been approved by the client. If the order has not been placed and approved by the end of the cut-off time, the property will be fitted out according to the original version.

Where can I see the interior design?
In our digital customer portal and in our home store at Skanska’s offices in Uppsala. As a customer, you will be invited both to an open house and to face-to-face meetings, where you will have the opportunity to meet your account manager and see the interior design.

When do design changes/fittings options have to be paid for?
10% must be paid when you sign the lease, the rest is paid when you gain access.

Other questions

What is a detailed development plan?
A detailed development plan is a legally binding document that determines what use of land and water is permitted. In the plan, the municipality states what may and may not be done in the area, what types of buildings and operations may be built and what they should look like.  Only the municipality may decide to draw up and adopt a detailed development plan.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me:

Sara Ekeljung

Sara Ekeljung

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