Tell us if you're interested, This is how it works.

When we launch a new project, that's when you know it's time to register.
The earlier you register your interest ("Intresseanmälan" in Swedish), thebetter. By doing so, you increase your chances of selecting a home within any given project. Registration is done so that you get a queue date ("Ködatum" in Swedish) in our database. A queue date is the same as the first date you registered your interest for a specific project. If you've shown an interest in any of our earlier projects but haven't gone forward with a purchase, we automatically take the earliest date in our database as your queue date. In order to get up-to-date information, you have to register your interest for the project you're interested in. When you move into your new home, your place in the queue expires. If you decide to show interest in any future project from Skanska, you will have to register again.

What is my priority number in the list?

A priority list comprising people who have shown interest for a project is established after sale launch. Since we don't know how many will participate at sale launch, we are unable to disclose your exact priority until sometime after sale launch.

Three ways to register your interest:

  1. Click the blue button "Anmäl intresse här" (Swedish for "Register here") located on each project page and fill in your personal details
  2. Call our customer service, 020-310310
  3. Contact a sales representative – contact information is located on every project page

Our policy when buying a home (in Swedish)

After you've registered your interest and are listed in our queue…

Information about the project

New information is published on the project webpage on a regular basis.

sale launch and information about queuing systems

The first opportunity you have to enter a preliminary agreement of purchase ("Köpanmälan" in Swedish) is at sale launch. A preliminary agreement of purchase implies that you intend on going forward with a purchase agreement. To increase your chances of choosing your dream home, make sure to list more than one option when sending your preliminary agreement of purchase. The preliminary agreement of purchase is non-binding however, which means that you still have the option of backing out if you're having doubts.

Registration of interest and queue system

A preliminary agreement of purchase has to be sent within a stated time, which can vary between a couple of hours to a couple of days after sale launch, depending on the project.

Registration of interest and queue system

A preliminary agreement of purchase establishes a priority list depending on the date of registered interest.

book an appointment for writing a contract

Our sales representatives will contact you to book a date to sign a sales contract in accordance with the priority list. Usually, a sales contract is signed within fourteen days after sale launch.

Queeing system

If you're unavailable and our sales representatives have a hard time contacting you within a reasonable period of time, or you choose not to go forward in the purchasing process, you forfeit your place in the queue for the current project.

Information about our queue system

Any homes still available for purchase after we've contacted everyone who has sent a preliminary agreement of purchase, will be put up for sale in accordance with a first come, first served principle regardless of your place in the queue.

Questions and answers about new construction!

If you have any questions about what it means to buy a new home with Skanska, please have a look at our FAQ (in Swedish)