Efficient and comfortable co-op apartments in STUDIO115

Space for winding down and logging off

Behind the impressive mahogany-colored brick façade, you'll find a place designed for interaction and relaxation. Meet up with friends and neighbors for a cup of coffee in the sun, a training session in the outdoor gym or just log off from work and enjoy some me time in the shade. The lush inner courtyard emphasizes biodiversity and offers a rich and diverse vegetation. Here you'll enjoy flowerbeds, shrubs and trees in full bloom alongside pollinators and birds.

Explore the perks of having a balcony garden

Most homes will have a sunny balcony, which allows you to expand your home beyond its walls. You can create a comfy sitting area with quirky pots and decorative lights, or you can awaken your inner gardener and grow tomatoes, herbs and hot peppers. Whichever you choose, there's something for everyone.

Welcome home!

Rest assured that in STUDIO115 you'll always have space for family and friends. The floorplans are open and welcoming, perfect for a rich social life regardless if you choose a studio, one- or two-bedroom apartment. You'll always be able to make the dining table a focal point for parties, design your own home office or just arrange a quiet place to relax in.

A personal interior design

The high-quality kitchens are fitted with smooth white cabinets from Marbodal in their original design. In order for you to personalize the kitchen to your tastes, we provide a variety of fittings and fixtures both free of charge and those that come with an added cost. Pick your favorite wall color, floor, cabinets and why not an integrated fridge and freezer. Make sure to take your time and create a style that fits your personality. You have an exciting time ahead of you.