A new opportunity to find your dream home

We're making more homes available for purchase in our popular city block STUDIO115 in Lund. Submit your preliminary agreement of purchase and remember to do so by noon on Friday, June 10th. Your journey starts now and we're with you every step of the way!

More homes are made available for purchase in STUDIO115 on Tuesday June 7th and you can finally submit your preliminary agreement of purchase. Find your dream home by going on a virtual tour with some help from our home finder. You can also look at floor plans and let yourself get inspired by our illustrations. Remember to submit your preliminary agreement of purchase by noon on Friday, June 10th. Your journey starts now and we're with you every step of the way!

1 Tell us if you're interested so that you can get a queue date

The earlier you register your interest ("Intresseanmälan" in Swedish) for STUDIO115, the better. An early registration date will increase your chances of getting to choose your dream home. However, you don't have to register interest for this particular city block in order to buy a home in STUDIO115.

Read more about our queueing system and how it works here.

2 Find your dream home with our home finder

Take your time exploring the homes in our home finder. Which home feels right for you? Do you want a balcony with evening sun or a patio with morning sun? Do you prefer to live at the top of the building or on the corner facing the pleasant street? Find your favorites and make your selection.

Click here to see all the homes and their prices, their locations in the building and use the different filters in the home finder.

3 Submit a preliminary agreement of purchase

The first opportunity you have to enter a preliminary agreement of purchase ("Köpanmälan" in Swedish) is on Tuesday. A preliminary agreement of purchase implies that you intend on going forward with a purchase agreement. Register your interest for one or more homes that fulfill your requirements. It is important that you rank and place the home you are most interested in first. Remember that the preliminary agreement of purchase is non-binding however, which means that you still have the option of backing out if you're having doubts.

Submit a preliminary agreement of purchase here.

4 Your sales representative starts going through the submitted agreements

When the window for submitting a preliminary agreement of purchase closes at noon on June 10th, your sales representative will disable the function. The sales representatives will then start sorting all the submitted agreements to take you and the other buyers further along the purchasing process.

5 Your sales representative will make you an offer

Depending on your queue date, you will soon be contacted by your sales representative. Upon contact, you will get the chance to choose the home that suits you best. Make sure to be well prepared, we want an answer the same day we contact you.

6 It's time to sign a contract

Now it's finally time to sign a contract. The advance agreement is the first binding contract you sign and it gives you the right to buy your home. In doing so, you pay 2.5% of the purchasing price.

Congratulations on your new home in STUDIO115!

Watch our film about STUDIO115

Frequently Asked Questions

How many apartments are there in total?
Brf STUDIO115 comprises a U-shaped multifamily residential and a shared courtyard. A total of 115 apartments, studio up to two-bedroom apartments, ranging from 28-73 square meters.

When is the sales launch scheduled for?
The sales launch took place on the 15th of March 2022. A new opportunity to find a dream home in STUDIO115 will happen on Tuesday, June 7th.

When is the move-in date?
The move-in date is scheduled for spring of 2024.

What address does STUDIO115 have?
Magistratsvägen, Lund

How do you submit a preliminary agreement of purchase?
Submitting a preliminary agreement of purchase is done digitally after sales launch. You start off on our website by choosing 5 homes you like the most. You finish by clicking on the button "Gör en köpanmälan" and fill in your personal details. The selection process starts immediately after sales launch and our sales representatives start contacting those with the earliest registered queue date. This might imply that you will be contacted even if your 5 choices already have been taken. If this happens, you're entitled to pick from the remaining homes for purchase. More detailed information about the process, will be provided during the time that preliminary agreements of purchase are admissible.

For more frequently asked questions, click here.

Consult our glossary if you're finding it difficult to understand our floor plans.

Explore how you can personalize your new home

Choose your own style with the help of optional features

What kind of vibe are you looking for in your new home? When buying a newly built home from us, you can always choose fittings and fixtures tailored to your personal tastes, ready for when you move in. We provide an elegant original range and a variety of fittings and fixtures for each room, both free of charge and those that come with an added cost. Take a look at what we have to offer with the help of our 3D configurator for fittings and fixtures. Prices are listed where they apply. Enjoy decorating your new home!

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